Quick Hit – Manny Pacquiao Vs. Tim Bradley!!

Tonight the MGM Grand will be the host of the Manny Pacquiao vs. Tim Bradley fight. While many fans are still waiting for the highly anticipated match-up against Floyd Mayweather this bout will be a great test for Pacquiao. The speed, strength and defense of Bradley many critics compare to Mayweather, making him a worthy opponent. At 28 years old Bradley is undefeated in his career(28-0 12 KO) and looks to continue his winning streak tonight against Pacquiao .

Pacquiao’s last fight against Juan Maquez was a close bout that many considered a loss for the champion. However, Pacquiao’s personal life struggles played a significant part in his lack-luster performance. At the time the fighters life was in shambles and his family and marriage were on the brink of falling apart. Now Pacquiao has a new leash on life and a new found spiritual guidance that has changed his life for the better. A life once filled with drinking, smoking and adultery is now behind him and he has now found peace and happiness. Heading into this fight the mental stability of Pacquiao is in a place he has never been before, having his spiritual faith as his anchor.
Tonight’s bout will test both fighters as they both seek to continue their tenure as champions. But there can only be one….could this be the up-set that fans didn’t expect?


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  • jasim uddin

    Floyd Mayweather exclaimed with wonder that he has agreed to fight Manny Pacquiao. MGM ground on may-2. It will be a big boxing that day.

  • jasim uddin

    We will be seeing a great boxing match between
    mayweather and pacquiao. We are very exciting for this fight. And we will be
    seeing it as soon as possible on May 2.